Periodic Inspection and Testing

No electrical installation, no matter how carefully designed and erected, can be expected to last forever. Deterioration will take place due to age as well as due to normal wear and tear. With this in mind, the Regulations require regular inspection and testing to take place so that the installation can be maintained in a good and a safe condition. It is now a requirement of the Regulations that the installation user should be informed of the need for periodic testing, and the date on which the next test is due. A notice, fixed at or near the origin of the installation, must state the required intervals between periodic inspections and tests."

It is important to appreciate that the regular inspection and testing of all electrical installations is a requirement of the Electricity at Work Regulations. The time interval concerned will, of course, depend on the type of installation and on the way in which it is used.The suggested intervals between periodic tests and inspections are as follows:-.

Suggested intervals between periodic tests and inspections

Domestic premises 10 years
Commercial premises 5 years
Educational establishments 5 years
Hospitals 5 years
Industrial premises 3 years
Cinemas 1 year*
Churches 5 years
Leisure complexes 1 year
Places of public entertainment 1 year
Theatres, etc. 1 year*
Agricultural and horticultural 3 years
Caravans 3 years
Caravan sites 1 year*
Emergency lighting 3 years
Fire alarm systems 1 year
Launderettes 1 year*
Petrol filling stations 1 year*
Public Houses 5 years
Marinas 1 Year
Highway power supplies 6 years
Temporary installation 3 months

Where maximum periods are marked *
there is a legal requirement for retests at these intervals



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